Want to turn the tides of your business? Then you’ll have to go beyond analytics and accounting. You’ll have to think big and go for our Premium solutions. Profit NX Premium is a ‘feature-loaded’ software that offers the most popular accounting solutions along with some extremely helpful exclusive solutions. With our Premium, you’ll be able to manage forms, be aligned with an advanced scheduler, get analytical data from grids, and most importantly, you’ll get to use the Magic Merge feature.

What is Magic Merge?

Magic Merge is an exclusive Profit NX feature that allows you and your Accountant or Chartered Accountant to work simultaneously on the same data! Unlike in other software, you need not wait until your accountant or CA works on your data. While accountant/CA works on your data at the same time you can also keep working on your data. Later on, whatever changes are done at both places, the data will be merged intelligently and automatically! Profit NX Premium has an MS SQL Database that helps you enjoy maximum features. And, like all Profit NX solutions, our Premium solution too is easy to use and master.

  • All Accounting Transactions viz. Sales, Sales Return, Purchase, Purchase Return, Cash, Bank
    & Journal as well as an option for Performa Invoice with accounting reports like Daybooks, General Ledgers as well as Party Ledgers, Trial Balance, Trading Account, Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet.
  • Complete VAT/GST Accounting and its reports. E-return Also Supported. Form No 402 with E-return Also Available.
  • Email and SMS for the invoice, outstanding etc.
  • Outstanding Module with a variety of tracking options like Party-wise, Group-wise, City-Wise along with Aging Analysis and overdue Interest Details.
  • Fast and Effective Bank Reconciliation Option
  • Fully Customizable Sales and Purchase Registers
  • Complete TDS and TCS working
  • Powered by Magic Merge
  • Organizational Role-Based User Rights Viz. one can define common rights for Administrator, Manager, Supervisor as well as Operators. Subsequently, users can be opened and just by allocating a suitable role to every user, the rights can be easily defined. Restrictions can be defined for modification, deletion or printing of vouchers based on user rights
  • Restrictions can be defined for modification, deletion or printing of vouchers based on user rights
  • The Administrator can define the specific reports which can be accessed by each user. Every user can access the options as per the rights defined under this module
  • Once GST returns are filed, data can be locked so that accidental modification/deletion of data can be avoided
  • Option to Audit Vouchers online. Modification / Deletion of such vouchers can be restricted based on user rights.
  • Users activity can be tracked based on the usage history of working in vouchers
  • Data Backup and Restore facility.
  • Comprehensive Data Security due to robust backend of Microsoft SQL Server Database.
  • Complete order management for both sales and purchase transactions along with the facility to manage stock based on Delivery Challans
  • Customizable Tabular Display Like Excel For each report (with Multi-Level Grouping, Sorting and Custom Data Filtering)
  • Each Report Can be Exported in Various Formats Like PDF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, HTML, and DOC. Direct e-mailing of each report possible.
  • 80 Extra Fields provided during Transaction Entry where specific business-related information can be stored and the same can be accessed in various reports. Users can define a formula for calculation of such fields automatically for faster inputs.
  • Each and every report can be modified/customized as per user requirements..
  • Voucher (Invoice) Format Modification
  • Automatic application of SGST, CGST, IGST or UTGST based on the selection of party at the time of Sale / Supply
  • HSN code-wise GST Rates Master.
  • Predefined ledger accounts of SGST, CGST, IGST & UTGST.
  • Option to link every product or service with HSN code / SAC Code.
  • Option to compute GST based on advance payment with appropriate effect in GSTR-1.
  • Auto population of GST return based on data entered in transactions.
  • Save GST return on GST portal directly from the software.
  • Return Reconciliation of GSTR-2B & 2A.
  • With Profit NX, you can search the name or address of the supplier and track return status on the GST portal
    using GSTIN.
  • Request based data fetching and matching of ITC from GSTN records.
  • Export of GSTR-1 in the format which can be uploaded through any GSP.
  • Upload E-way bill & E-invoice directly from the software.
  • Robust Inventory Management option which allows the definition of Products based on multiple units of measurements and its conversion
  • Detailed Inventory Management based on Product Categories / Classification as well as Serial Numbers.
  • Facility to define and maintain stock based on SKU(Unique Stock Keeping Unit)
  • Option to maintain details of Production based on BOM
  • Facility to maintain details for stock lying across multiple locations.
  • Facility to enter multiple quantities for the same product, like weight, pieces, sq. meters etc. and maintaining stocks based on the same.
  • Profit Desktop Facility by which shortcuts can be created and various options can be accessed easily.
  • Auto Reminders for Birthday, Anniversary and VAT Payment
  • Transaction based SMS Features
  • Profit-NX Messenger Services
  • Mobile App for Android & iOS
  • GST Ready Software
  • Magic Search: Search anything from anywhere in the software with the use of just one button! Just press F12 & type in your search to find more information on the same.
  • Get multi-year and multi-company analysis along with year-wise, month-wise, product-wise, vendor-wise, consignment-wise and stock-wise data, all at the click of a button. Use this data to make smarter decisions & eventually earn more profits!
  • Online invoice printing
  • Offline Invoice Printing
  • Facility to customise the invoice format
  • Customer Web Login
  • ITC reconciliation
  • Digital signature
  • Profit Nx on clouds (Profit Nx Web Reports)
  • Sticky note
  • Internal chatting
  • OTP base security
  • Directly upload E-way / E-Invoice Bill on portal
  • Online data synchronization
  • POS
  • COGS
  • Batch working
  • Cost center
  • Payroll
  • Dashboard
  • NX forms
  • Magic Mind
  • Save GST return on GST portal directly from the software.
  • Return Reconciliation of GSTR-2B & 2A.
  • With Profit NX, you can search the name or address of the supplier and track return status on the GST portal using GSTIN.




(+ 18% GST)



(+ 18% GST)



(+ 18% GST)

*Audit copy for CAs & Educational Version is free of cost on request.

*Extra charges are applicable for Installation and Software customization such as new options or voucher format etc.